Affiliate Program
You can earn money by simply promoting our device on social media.
If you're passionate about Wrumer and think others would love it too, this program is perfect for you. All you have to do is sign up for our affiliate program, promote Wrumer on your social media channels, and get paid for each sale generated through your unique affiliate link or discount code. It's that easy!
Since we operate mutiple stores for mutiple markets, you need to sign up for markets where you want your affiliates to count. We suggest you just sign up for all markets:
  • Worldwide/EU market:
  • UK market:
  • US market:
  • 🏆 Success stories 🏆
    An example of a TikTok that went viral.
    One of the members of the affiliate program created this TikTok that went viral!

    👀 Views: 2.5M
    🚀 Sales: ~400
    💸 Payout to the creator: ~€2000 (15% of sales)

    Sing up at